Malformación congénita unilateral o bilateral que suele asociarse con modificaciones o incompleto desarrollo del pabellón auricular, conducto auditivo externo, oído medio y, que, a veces, se combina con malformaciones del oído interno.
   <(F): Atrésie aural: malformation congénitale unilatérale ou bilatérale est souvent associée à des modifications ou développement incomplet de l'oreille, le conduit auditif, oreille moyenne, qui parfois combiné avec des malformations de l'oreille interne.
   <(Ing): Congenital aural atresia: is a term used to refer to a spectrum of ear deformities present at birth that involve some degree of failure of the development of the external auditory canal (EAC). Often, the malformation will also involve the tympanic membrane, ossicles and middle ear space to varying degrees. While associated abnormalities of the auricle are common, the inner ear development of these patients is most often normal. The challenge to the otologist is to restore the sound conduction pathway through the atretic EAC and malformed middle ear to the normal cochlea.