Disminución de la utilización del miembro contralateral con relación a la lesión en el síndrome de negligencia, y es en ausencia de todo déficit de fuerza, de los reflejos o de la sensibilidad primaria.
   <(A.): Motorischer Neglect; Hemineglect: Verminderung der spontanen motorischen Aktivität eines Hemicorps, beobachtet bei kontralateralen (siehe diesen Begriff) thalamischen (siehe diesen Begriff) Syndromen.
   <(F.): Négligence motrice; héminégligence: réduction de l'activité motrice spontanée d'un hémicorps, observée dans les syndromes thalamiques (v. ce terme) controlatéraux.
   <(In.): Neglect syndrome: person loses the ability to give equal attention to both sides of a space. For example, a patient in a rehabilitation hospital may wake up in the morning and proceeds to shave his face – only to be told later that he has only shaved half of his face. A person with this disorder, when drawing a person, will often leave off the arm and leg from one side, and when questioned, will state that it looks perfectly fine to them. When drawing a clock, the sufferer will often draw a circle and stuff all of the numbers in to one side.