Producto utilizado en la prevención de la caries dental y en el tratamiento de la otosclerosis. Ingerido en grandes dosis es tóxico incluso letal.
   Fórmula: NaF
   Sinónimos: Fluoruro sódico.
   <(F.): Fluorure de sodium, fluorure sodique: fluorure inorganique utilisé en prévention de la carie dentaire. Formule NaF.
   <(In.): Sodium Fluoride, floridine, sodium monofluoride has been found to be helpful in reducing the number of cavities in the teeth. It is usually present naturally in drinking water. However, some areas of the country do not have a high enough level in the water to prevent cavities. To make up for this, extra fluoride may be added to the diet. Some children may require both dietary fluoride and topical fluoride treatments by the dentist. Use of a fluoride toothpaste or rinse may be helpful as well. Taking extra oral fluoride does not replace good dental habits. These include eating a good diet, brushing and flossing the teeth often, and having regular dental checkups.