Tumor maligno que se desarrolla en las células de cartílago; es un sarcoma con elementos cartilaginosos. Es el segundo tumor óseo maligno en orden de frecuencia.
   <(F): Chondrosarcome: sarcome à point de départ habituellement squelettique reproduisant un tissu cartilagineux plus ou moins reconnaissable, parfois si différencié que le diagnostic histologique de malignité est très difficile à porter.
   <(Ing): Chondrosarcoma: is a malignant tumor that produces cartilage matrix. Primary chondrosarcoma is very uncommon, arises centrally in the bone, and is found in children. Secondary chondrosarcoma arises from benign cartilage defects such as osteochondroma or enchondroma. Chondrosarcoma can also be classified as intramedullary, which generally arise from enchondromas, and surface which arise from osteochondromas. Chondrosarcoma occurs in the fifth or sixth decades and has a male to female ratio of 1.5 to 1. It is most common in the femur, humerus, ribs and on the surface of the pelvis. Patients with Ollier's disease (multiple enchondromatosis) or Maffucci's syndrome (multiple enchondromas and hemangiomas) are at much higher risk of chondrosarcoma than the normal population and often present in the third and fourth decade.