Conducto formado por una evaginación endoblástica del dorso de la lengua primitiva que emigra hacia abajo hasta la cara anterior del cuello para formar el cuerpo del tiroides.
   <(F): Canal thyréoglosse, canal de His: est un canal qui, chez l'embryon, s'étend entre le cartilage thyroïde et la partie postérieure de la langue. Chez l'adulte, il reste une trace de ce canal au niveau de la langue : le trou borgne.
   <(Ing): Thyrolingual duct, thyroglossal duct: a transitory endodermal tube in the embryo, carrying thyroid-forming tissue at its caudal end; normally, the duct disappears after the thyroid has moved to its definitive location in the neck; its point of origin is regularly marked on the root of the adult tongue by the foramen cecum; occasionally, its incomplete regression results in the formation of cysts along its embryonic course.pyramidal lobe of thyroid gland.