Ulceración que sirve de puerta de entrada de ciertas infecciones: sífilis, lepra, linfogranulomatosis, etc.
   <(F): Chancre: petite ulcèration de la peau ou des muqueuses (couche de cellules recouvrant l'intérieur des organes creux en contact avec l'air) ayant une certaine propension (tendance) à se développer.
   <(Ing): Chancre, hard chancre, hard sore, hard ulcer, hunterian chancre, syphilitic ulcer: the primary lesion of syphilis, which begins at the site of cutaneous or mucosal infection after an interval of 10-30 days as a papule or area of infiltration, of dull red color, hard, and insensitive; the center usually becomes eroded or breaks down into an ulcer that heals slowly after 4-6 weeks. Finding Treponema pallidum on dark-field examination is diagnostic, except in oral ulcers, in which T. microdentium is normally present.