Producto que por su composición química es quemante o corrosivo, destructor del tejido vivo.
   <(F): Produits caustiques: classe de substances hétérogènes parleurs compositions chimiques et par leurs mécanismes d’action sur les tissusbiologiques. Leur point commun réside dans la gravité potentielle de l’intoxication paringestion, par inhalation et par projection oculaire ou cutanée.
   <(Ing): Caustics: strong alkaline chemicals that destroy soft body tissues resulting in a deep, penetrating type of burn, in contrast to corrosives, that result in a more superficial type of damage via chemical means or inflammation. Caustics are usually hydroxides of light metals. Sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide are the most widely used caustic agents in industry. Medically, they have been used externally to remove diseased or dead tissues and destroy warts and small tumors. The accidental ingestion of products (household and industrial) containing caustic ingredients results in thousands of injuries per year.